Santa Rosa Valley Trails Inc.

A 501(c)3 registered charity

Recreational trails for use by all

Our History

Santa Rosa Valley Trails Inc. was incorporated in 2004 to plan, create, acquire and maintain multi-use non-motorized trails for public use in the Santa Rosa Valley and surrounding areas and to provide connections to other trails or recreational facilities. We are also authorized to promote the social welfare of Santa Rosa Valley and surrounding areas.

In November of 2006, Santa Rosa Valley Trails Inc. was determined by the IRS to be a 501(c) (3) charitable organization. 

SRV Trails provides a way for property owners to donate easements that will be maintained and insured by the charity in perpetuity.  These trails can be used on foot, bicycle or on horseback.


SRV Trails Inc. started being active this year and received donations of easements from four property owners who own land on the Rosita Trail between Blanchard Road and Upper Barbara Drive.  This important connection had been closed for about three years.  These easements to SRVTI will keep this connection open.  These are the first easements given to the charity.

SRV Trails met with officials from the Ventura County Planning Department and then started working with Rincon Consultants to create the Trail Plan for Santa Rosa Valley.


The completed draft Trail Plan map was made public and distributed.  In February, the Santa Rosa Valley Municipal Advisory Council approved the draft plan and sent it forward to the Ventura County Board of Supervisors with a recommendation  that it be adopted as the County's official Trail Plan for Santa Rosa Valley.

The Board of Supervisors voted to authorize Planning to review the Trail Plan and analyze the scope of work necessary for  adoption of the plan by Ventura County.

SRVTI made a proposal to the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency  COSCA to add a new trail that would connect Santa Rosa Valley to Wildwood Park.  This trail would run from the Santa Rosa Trail on the top of the Mountclef Ridge down to the Lower Santa Rosa (Baseline) Trail.  It was later named Shooting Star Trail.


We acquired an easement for
the Donnelly Trail, which connects the Lower Santa Rosa Trail with Santa Rosa Road and lies about 100 yards west of the signalized equestrian crossing at East Las Posas Road.  The easement was generoulsly donated by Michael and Lori Donnelly, who own the property where the trail is located.

Our other new 2009 easement is the Thelma Connector Trail.  This historical trail runs across private property and could have been closed by a future property owner.  It connects Thelma Lane with the Saddlebrook Estates trails.  Our thanks to the current owners who agreed to grant an easement to SRVTI.  We have re-graded the trail and realigned it so that users will not have to go on the owners driveway.

This year, we adopted the Lower Santa Rosa Trail in Wildwod Park under the COSCA Adopt-a-trail program  This trail, known locallly as Baseline Trail, runs along the south side of the valley between Talal Court and Hidden Meadows Estates.  SRVTI continues to maintain the trail and has made safety improvements.

In March, we had the Grand Opening of Phase One of Santa Rosa Park, a trailhead for Hill Canyon.  SRVTI was one of the sponsors of a free barbeque for all attending.  
Photos of the Grand Opening can be seen here


The Shooting Star Trail, which was proposed by SRVTI in 2008 (see above), was constructed  with other volunteers from the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency  COSCA .   About 30 people from Santa Rosa Valley joined another 100 from the Conejo Valley and cut the new trail.

It runs from the Santa Rosa Trail on the top of the Mountclef Ridge down to the Lower Santa Rosa (Baseline) Trail.  The trail connects Santa Rosa Valley to Wildwood Park and creates a loop that can be used by trail users starting on either side of the Mountclef Ridge.  This loop is illustrated below:

SRVTI then adopted this trail under the COSCA Adopt-a-trail program   This is the second trail that SRVTI has adopted for the 
Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency.


Construction starts on a new trail bridge across the Arroyo Santa Rosa.  This bridge was proposed by SRVTI in 2008 through the Santa Rosa Valley Municipal Advisory Council.  It provides a safe crossing for trail users, especially equestrians so that they do not need to use the road bridge at East Las Posas Roas over the arroyo.

SRVTI worked with the Ventura County Watershed Protection District to get the encroachment permit.  

The bridge was financed by SRVTI thanks to our many sponsors and is constructucted using an innovative builiding material named Struxure, which is made from 100% recycled plastic made by Axion International.  The bridge was constructed by DCA Drilling and Construction, a local business.

SRVTI was granted a licence to 2020 for trail access across the land owned by the Tropical Paradise event venue.  This trail provides access along the arroyo and connects Santa Rosa Valley Park to the east end of the valley.


SRVTI acquires an easement from Camrosa Water District to provide access to the new trail bridge. 

The Arroyo Santa Rosa Trail Bridge was completed in October:


SRVTI joined the Santa Rosa Valley Riders in donating a round pen to the equestrian facilities in Santa Rosa Valley Park.  Volunteers helped move and construct the pen at the park.  DCA Drilling and Construction also donated equipment and time to this project.


SRVTI financed the required environmental report for the Santa Rosa Valley Trail Master Plan.  This document was distributed for public comment and then finalized in the fall. In December, it was approved by the Board of Supervisors for adoption into the County's General Plan.


The Santa Rosa Valley Trail Master Plan is incorporated into the County's General Plan.  Now Ventura County formally recognizes the Santa Rosa Valley Trail Master Plan as a recreational resource which must be considered during development review and policy development.


 The Tropical Paradise trail licence was extended to 2024.


SRVTI was granted a new easement for a trail that runs south from Santa Rosa Road at East Posas Road and connects to the Lower Santa Rosa (aka Baseline) Trail.  This new Winslow Trail was officially dedicated on March 7th 2021:

Lower Santa Rosa Trail

also known as Baseline Trail

Maintained by SRV Trails under the 

COSCA Adopt-A-Trail program