Santa Rosa Valley Trails Inc.

A 501(c)3 registered charity

Recreational trails for use by all


Our sponsors have agreed to support the local trail system by an annual donation to 
Santa Rosa Valley Trails Inc.

Sponsors can donate at four levels

Trail  Angels        $1000 per year
Trail  Bosses       $500 per year
Trail Wranglers   $250 per year
Trail Friends        $100 per year

You can download a Donation Form here

Many thanks to our recent sponsors:

Trail Angels

Rosemary Allison

Mark and Penny Burley

David and Ellen Feigal

Diane Narhi and Stan Ullman

Santa Rosa Valley Riders


Trail Bosses

Rob and Jean Cloyd

Terry and Lisa Hillsten

Simone Lagomarsino and Blair Allan

Steve and Leslie Saeta


Trail Wranglers

Kimme Black

Sue and Steve Perrin

Steve Roberson

Deborah Vacherot

Jan "Gusie" Woodfill


Trail Friends

A Diamond Association Management

Karl and Jean Bergenstal

Joan Bernick

Kevin and Linda Cannon 

Cheryl and Scott Crandall

David and Bernadette Eyre

Tracy Faraci

Ann and Scott Freauf

Leon and Ronda Gottleib

Holland Hunter

Rob and Karen Klebba

Lisa Moxley 

David and Angela Nichols

Charles Sackerson

Rick and Karen Shurtz

Joe and Missy Stayton

If you have been mistakenly included or omitted from this list please contact



Trail Work Day